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Our Partnership Model

Our partnership model is built on collaboration, trust, and shared goals, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. We work closely with our partners, leveraging our expertise to deliver tailored solutions that drive their success in an ever-evolving market.

D26 Ventures offers bundled services encompassing a wide range of areas such as technology and related services, advertising and marketing, investment and guidance, HR and operations, UI/UX, product management, product testing, legal services and compliance, and more. The payment options for these bundled services can vary based on the preferences and agreements between D26 Ventures and the startups. Here are some possible payment models:

Equity-Based Payment: In some cases, startups may have the opportunity to pay for the bundled services using equity. Instead of monetary payment, startups can offer a percentage of their equity or shares to D26 Ventures in exchange for the services provided. The specific terms, percentage, and conditions for equity-based payment would be negotiated between both parties.

Per-Bundle Pricing: D26 Ventures provides startups with the option to pay for the bundled services as a whole. The pricing for each bundle is determined based on the specific services included. Startups can choose a bundle that aligns with their needs and pay a fixed price for the entire package.

Mix of Services: Alternatively, startups can customise their service package by selecting a mix of services within a bundle. This flexible approach allows startups to tailor their service selection based on their unique requirements. The pricing for the mix of services would be determined by the individual services chosen.

Whole-Deal Pricing: D26 Ventures may also offer startups the option to avail the entire range of bundled services, covering multiple areas of support. The pricing for the whole deal would be based on the comprehensive package of services provided by D26 Ventures.

Monetary Payment: Startups can opt to pay for the bundled services using monetary means. This involves paying in cash or other accepted forms of payment for the services received. The payment terms would be outlined in the agreement between D26 Ventures and the startup.

It's important for D26 Ventures and the startups to establish clear communication and agree upon the pricing models, payment terms, and any additional considerations. The details of the bundled services, payment options, and terms would be determined based on the specific needs of the startups and the expertise provided by D26 Ventures.

By offering a comprehensive range of services and flexible payment options, D26 Ventures aims to support startups in various key areas, fostering their growth and success.

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